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Hello lovely couples!

For those of you who don't know, my fiancé and I live in downtown RVA! We moved down here almost a year ago from our home town of Fredericksburg, VA and we have been LOVING IT! Coming from a relatively small town, we were initially overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things there is to do down here. From gorgeous and incredibly unique parks, to some of the best food you will ever eat, Richmond is an amazing place for couples dates. I compiled a short list of my favorite park dates Erika and I have been on while living down here! 

The Parks!!!

This might seem like a boring date if you're not a super outdoorsy person, but it totally isn't! I am not really an outdoors person by any means, and Erika certainly isn't. (sorry babe) The cool thing about the parks in RVA is that they have a very unique feel to them, and all of them are SUPER clean and well kept. For a guy with OCD, this is music to my ears! Whether its the beautiful trails throughout downtown, or the amazing parks, there is so much to explore! I will put a list of our favorite parks and trails below along with some pictures! :)


This is one of our favorite parks because of how new it feels and how close it is to downtown where we live! This also Lilo's favorite park! (Lilo is our little yorkie-pom) If you like a urban approach to a park, and love views of the water, Brown's Island is a perfect place for a picnic date!


Right down the road from Brown's Island is another beautiful and more nature filled park called Belle Isle that you can access by this totally rad suspension bridge!


Just over the pedestrian bridge in Brown's Island you can get to Manchester and the beautiful flood wall trail. This makes for super relaxing and scenic walk (maybe walking off some amazing food from downtown) You get GORGEOUS vistas of the city that can't be seen anywhere else.


This park I always knew about because I shot a promo film here long before we moved down. However, what I didn't know until I did some exploring with Erika is that there is a beautiful pond just down the hill! You seriously don't want to miss this one, it just screams romance. It is straight from a Nicholas Sparks movie.

We explore the park in this vlog!


Another great place to get a GREAT view of the city is at Libby Hill Park. It is towards the end of the city and it overlooks the water as well as the key parts of Richmond! This area always reminds me of the streets/houses on Sesame Street! I love this park, and its perfect for a relaxed date. 

In this throw back vlog we explore most of the parks I talked about today with Hope + Drew!!! (the vlog is cancelled though!)

I hope this list of parks helps y'all think of some fun dates to go on as a couple next time you're down in RVA! If you want to see more posts like this comment below and let me know! I would love to hear from you lovely couples. Thanks for reading!!!


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Hey there friends!!!

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Joshua Bryan Medlin