Promotional Film for Beautiful Wedding Florals - Courtney Inghram Events

Today  is not a normal wedding film blog post. Today I am going to talk a little about this amazing floral artist that I have had the pleasure of working with on several occasions! Her name is Courtney Inghram from Courtney Inghram Events and holy cow does she do some flawless work! I have to admit that as a guy I don't typically think too far into flowers other than when I am picking out flowers in the grocery store for my fiance (yes, I get grocery store flowers please don't judge me). Ever since I started creating wedding films I have seen some pretty mind blowing work, but let me tell you guys that nothing has come even close to the work Courtney does! I'm such a passionate and even sappy guy, and that translates into my work being very emotional and filled with a lot of love. Just one look at her floral designs and you can totally see that this is what she loves, this is her passion. I didn't think it was possible to have so much emotion in a floral set up until I met Courtney. 

Courtney and I met through social media when I was looking for some one to do floral work for me. I has no clue where to begin with this, and these florals were a surprise so I couldn't really post about it. My good friends at Handspun Cinema posted in a group asking for florists available on the date I needed and Courtney was in that list, needless to say, I am so glad I went with her! For those of you that follow Erika and I on social media, you'll know I proposed to Erika at Pippin Hill Farms underneath and unbelievably perfect floral archway, Courtney was the creative genius behind that beauty! I can't thank Courtney and her totally rad fiance for helping make my proposal amazing with their work!!

Take a look below to watch the promotional film I had the pleasure of shooting for Courtney and her brand! Their film will speak for itself and you will see just how incredible her work is, and just how great these two are! Courtney, your passion and happiness is contagious and I am so happy we were able to work together.


Joshua Bryan Medlin