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Hey there friends!!!

So, I have been super bad about doing this whole blog thing but I really like doing them so I am going to commit to doing one per week! This week is pretty special because last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to capture Sarah + Jason's love story! 

Everything about this wedding day truly shows how in love these two are. As a filmmaker I really live for sentimental and sappy moments during the day, because those really help me tell their story better. Sarah and Jason's wedding day was no exception!! From the most adorable vows I have ever heard, to Sarah singing Jason a song she wrote, to the absolutely beautiful venue at the Belle Isle State Park (I had no idea this place existed!) the day was literally from a dream. I could sit here all day and talk about this amazing couple but I will just let their film speak for itself and tell you all about their love story! Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the film!!!



Joshua Bryan Medlin